TSR Products


TSR "Dampener Control" Shock Upgrade Sets elavate overall shock performance and consistancy while increasing maintenance intervals.  TSR shock cap diaphragm sets utilize pressure foam inserts providing improved consistancy during a race.  TSR pure silicone shock seals reduce shaft stiction while improving sealing capabilities.  TSR lightweight bleeder and piston hardware sets are available for reducing weight while offering a works appearance.

TSR "Pro Shield" CV Dust Boot Sets combine the benefits of protection and increased maintenance intervals with the ability to add a thin coating of high-quality grease to the CV unit. All TSR Pro Shield CV Dust Boot Sets offer two barriers of protection. The outer rubber dust boot to the next line of defense the internal foam dust shield providing the ultimate barrier between the grease coated internal CV joint and the elements.

TSR "Captive Series" Team Durango DEX210F / DEX410 12.9 HT Diff Input Shaft Upgrade Set prevents the input shaft from chipping the crown gear by maintaining the proper tolerances for smoother differential operation and increased maintenance intervals. The additional ball bearing combined with the input shaft shims and improved ability to tighten the diff case housing provides increased input shaft support and protection.

TSR "Matched Hex" Hardware is the best option for maintaining your race chassis for reducing weight, increasing strength or providing additional protection against corrosion. Available in Titanium, 18-8 A2 Stainless Steel or 12.9 High Tensile Alloy Steel. Combined with our assortment of 7075-T6 aluminum washers and fasteners our Matched Hex Hardware is the perfect compliment to any race chassis.