About Tuner Spec Racing

At Tuner Spec Racing, we believe the time for 1/10th scale racing to evolve is now.  With the advent of today's LiPo and brushless power systems combined with the larger more complex SX style race tracks and high traction racing surfaces in 1/10th scale racing has put a significant strain on current chassis, suspension, and drive train designs.

Due to demand for quality products with a unique approach to chassis refinement, ease of maintenance, and chassis protection we are pleased to announce the formation of TSR Products.

Here at TSR, we looked at several key areas of modern 1/8th scale chassis development and adapted what we learned to 1/10th scale.  At TSR, we have created race-inspired items to aid in reducing friction, heat, weight and also help combat wear in these high-strain areas of 1/10th scale chassis design.

For 2011, TSR Products will be available to provide the quality race-inspired products once only available in 1/8th scale racing.  Products ranging from chassis protection, suspension, and drive train performance upgrades to offering maintenance related products consisting of  quality hex hardware, Si3N4 pure ceramic differential balls, pure silicone shock and gear differential seals, plus a new line of pit related accessories.  

Join us in the evolution as 1/10th scale racing breaks new ground so will we.  We are TSR Products.